Sell your home
with Sterling’s help.

Working with Sterling Real Estate Group to sell your property means that you will have a professional, personable and attentive broker by your side every step of the way.  Helping to make the process as painless and as stress-free as possible, they will keep your best interests in mind with everything they do.

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What makes selling a home with Sterling different?

Our excellent brokers take a friendly and personal approach to real estate, valuing the importance of:

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    Timely Dialog

    Expect to get to know your broker; they will be communicating with you often until you have the keys to the home of your dreams.

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    Solid Character

    Our hand-picked team of brokers implement the highest standard of customer service and operate with the utmost integrity.

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    Strong Connections

    We pride ourselves on maintaining close relationships with local lenders, title companies, escrow agents, etc!

Here's what to expect:

Sterling makes it easy to sell your home or property, and most of your involvement will happen at the beginning of the process.  To ensure a smooth transaction with all deadlines met, your broker will keep in close communication with the buyer's broker, the lender and the escrow office.

  • Step One: Put Your House on the Market

    First you will receive a market analysis from your broker, providing suggestions of what you can do to get the house ready, as well as a suggested listing price form the house or property.  The house then goes on the market and the broker begins advertising and lists the property on MLS (multiple listing services) – open houses and showings will occur if that was agreed upon with the seller.

  • Step Two: Accept an Offer

    As offers start to come in, your broker will review and discuss them with you.  After you choose which offer to take with your broker's expert guidance, they will negotiate the sale on your behalf.

  • Step Three: Home Inspection and Negotiation

    The buyer will send a home inspector to inpsect the home and depending on what they find and what the buyer wants done, your broker will negotiate until an agreement is reached between both parties.

  • Step Four: Signing Appointment and Final Sale

    Your broker will accompany you to your signing appointment, providing moral support as you sign the documents with the escrow officer.  After documents have been recorded and funds released, you will receive a call from your broker letting you know the sale has closed and you will receive your proceeds.