Find a home
with Sterling’s help.

Working with Sterling Real Estate Group to purchase your next property means that you will have a professional, personable and attentive broker by your side every step of the way.  Helping to make the process as painless and as stress-free as possible, they will keep your best interests in mind with everything they do.

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What makes finding a home with Sterling different?

Our excellent brokers take a friendly and personal approach to real estate, valuing the importance of:

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    Timely Dialog

    Expect to get to know your broker; they will be communicating with you often until you have the keys to the home of your dreams.

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    Solid Character

    Our hand-picked team of brokers implement the highest standard of customer service and operate with the utmost integrity.

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    Strong Connections

    We pride ourselves on maintaining close relationships with local lenders, title companies, escrow agents, etc!

Here's what to expect:

First time home buyers and seasoned home owners alike can benefit from a quick overview of the process:

  • Step One: Meet Your Broker

    Your broker will set up a meeting with you to learn what you want in a property, which helps them recommend local lenders best fit for your financial situation.  Sterling encourages and promotes locally-owned and operated lenders and banks so that they can maintain close and direct communication with the lender.

  • Step Two: Property Search Begins

    With your budget and dream home critieria in mind, your Sterling broker will begin the search for your property.  They will be in close contact with you to present a variety of options and attend house and property showings with you. You are welcome to search on your own as well.

  • Step Three: Make an Offer

    After you select which property to make an offer on, the broker will prepare and present the offer to the seller.  They will make recommendations along the way as they negotiate the terms of the offer until a mutually accepted contract is agreed upon.

  • Step Four: Property Inspection and Appraisal

    The inspection process begins after the contract is accepted by both parties.  Your broker will provide a list of local inspectors, but you are free to work with whomever you'd like.  Another round of negotiations may occur depending on what the inspector finds, and your broker will work between the parties to get that accomplished.  You will pay your lender to organize the appraisal and you will receive a hard copy of the report.

  • Step Five: Prepare for Signing Appointment

    The loan officer sends documents to the title and loan office after the inspection and appraisal, and arranges for the buyer and seller to sign.  You will be contacted a couple days before the closing date to arrange a signing appointment, and they will let you know the amount of money required to bring to the escrow office in the form of a cashier check or wire transfer.

  • Step Six: Congratulations on Your New Home!

    After underwriting and final loan approval, the lender sends documents to the title and escrow office who then arranges for the buyer and seller to sign.  Your Sterling broker will come along with you to the appointment for moral support, as you sign documents with the escrow officer.  After the signing, the loan documents will be sent back to your lender by escrow, and the lender will then release the funds to escrow to close.  The sale will be recorded at the county court house, typically the day after signing, and then you will get a call from your broker who will deliver the keys to your new property! Congratulations!